Associate Professor Natalia Maehle (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences) is going to visit our project partner in the Netherlands, the Eindhoven University of Technology, on September 4-8. During her time in Eindhoven, Natalia will be closely working with Dr. J.C.C.M. Huijben and other researchers from Innovation, Technology Entrepreneurship & Marketing (ITEM) group. Dr. Maehle leads two work packages in the COOLCROWD project (WP2.1 and WP2.3), and during her research stay she will be working on the analysis of existing climate crowdfunding projects in the Netherlands. She will also learn about new business model mapping approaches developed by the ITEM group that will be valuable for the research activities in WP2.3. In addition, Natalia will present her crowdfunding-related research at the department seminar.