Coolcrowd collaborates closely with NORSØK and the project “Possibilities of environmental-and climate-friendly dairy production”. 

In this project, six farms have been selected based on their strong interest in environmental friendly management. The chosen sample include three conventional and three organic farms and range geographically from Hordaland (Voss and Kvinnherad), Møre and Romsdal (Sykkylven and Tingvoll), and Trøndelag (Skaun and Inderøy). As part of work package 3, Coolcrowd will conduct individual interviews with these farmers and map technologies and interest in climate-friendly dairy production and emerging expenses with the installation of these technologies.

As a first warm up and get to know, the farmers were introduced to the four different types of crowdfunding (e.g., donation, reward, lending, and equity) at the project meeting and then discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each type in small groups. In the end, the farmers presented their results to the entire group. The results from the preliminary group discussion will guide the project in the further empirical work and provide some indication for where farmers perceive benefits and challenges with crowdfunding. This is a crucial step in the project for developing sustainable business models since farmers present one group of key players for local crowdfunding.


Group work (Pia Otte)