Together with our two international partners from the University of Western Australia (UWA) and the Centre for Sustainability (CSAFE) at University of Otago, Coolcrowd investigates the application of its concept for New Zealand and Australia. While in Norway the agricultural system is highly regulated, New Zealand and Australia follow a more liberal approach and crowdfunding is more implemented. The aim of this sub-study is to find out whether farmers in these countries show different levels of interest and knowledge on crowdfunding. Thus, for the data collection, the survey conducted in 2018 with Norwegian farmers is adapted to the Australian and NZ context. THE ANZBC conference and study tour presented a great opportunity to pre-test the survey and first business model components that the project has so far identified as relevant.

The interest in crowdfunding was high at the conference also reflected in the final panel discussion where crowdfunding was several times mentioned as a potential way for financing biochar production in Australia and New Zealand and to connect the public with the agricultural sector. It felt like that Coolcrowd was just a year too early and that a lot is happening in the sector. There was a particular interest among participants to connect local crowdfunding with current carbon offset programs to make this more transparent and overall enable a green change in agriculture Down Under.