Coolcrowd participated with Trøndertaxi at the national aviation conference. The project arranged its own workshop at the conference. Along other workshops with topics such as accident-and incident reporting and drone regulations, we discussed the possibility of introducing local carbon offsets with 18 participants. The project received very useful feedback. Participants recognized the relevance of local carbon-offsets for being offsets that are more tangible and people can relate to. Several participants assumed that there is a segment in the population that would support this and this could overall increase the number of passengers paying for carbon-offset projects. More critical issues were related to climate gas calculations and how to ensure that emissions from agricultural projects and air travel are comparable. The participants also discussed the relevance of agriculture and whether passengers would prefer to pay to another sector/industry working with local climate measures.


The project has come a long way and is currently conducting a national survey with Norwegians, which will give us answers to some of the questions and doubts raised during the workshop. In the meantime, the next user group meeting is planned, where we will also discuss the possibility of running a pilot project of the Coolcrowd concept together with Trøndertaxi and other external user partners.