WP2.3 will continue through the whole project period. First, based on WP2.1 and WP2.2 it will combine three business model mapping approaches to create preliminary business model scenarios The business model scenarios will also investigate the possibility of using a combined system partly financed via crowdfunding and partly by governmental support similar to Innovation Norway (a member of our Advisory Group). These preliminary scenarios will be presented to farmers in WP3 to get their inputs and test their willingness to adopt different crowdfunding business models. Their inputs will be integrated into the business model scenarios and we will continue the mapping process as discussed above. The resulted business model scenarios will be used in WP4 to evaluate the public’s willingness to participate in the suggested locally crowdfunded climate programs. This process will result in final evaluation and mapping of alternative business model scenarios and suggestions for the most appropriate model in the Norwegian context. We will also consider how the suggested business model of climate crowdfunding can be integrated into existing mobile applications and platforms.

Natalia Drozdova, working on her dissertation entitled ‘Understanding Crowdfunding Projects: Exploratory study of reward-based crowdfunding” will be affiliated with WP2.1 and WP2.3 and take active part in the research activities through the whole project period.

Organizations:Western Norway University of Applied Sciences,Norwegian School of Economics, Eindhoven University of Technology

Leader: Ass. Prof Natalia Mæhle