This WP focuses on investigating the factors that determine the public’s willingness to pay for a locally crowdfunded climate program. It begins by exploring which types of crowdfunded climate programs the general public would prefer to finance. This entails two dimensions. First of all, it investigates whether the public would be interested in crowdfunding new local climate-related investments in low-emission agriculture or whether they perceive other sectors as more relevant. Secondly, the WP investigates which model/s of crowdfunding are preferred by the general public. As a third part, the WP investigates the price margin, i.e. willingness to pay, for crowdfunding depending on a credible solution configuration of a certain agricultural initiative/scenario, locality and the chosen funding model. A mixed method approach will be applied: Surveys are conducted with a sample of the Norwegian population. In addition, 4 to 6 focus group discussions are undertaken with the public and companies who are interested in applying this concept as part of their climate strategy. Results concerning the socio-cultural barriers of crowdfunding in WP 2.2. feed into this WP while the focus groups are also asked about socio-cultural barriers and the results feed back into WP2.2. The focus group participants are presented with different scenarios of climate crowdfunding. WP4 closely collaborates with WP3.

Organizations: Norwegian Business School (BI Center for GreenGrowth)

Leader: Dr. Per Espen Stoknes/ Sylvia Weddegjerde