Reports/executive summaries from the work packages: 

Natalia Mæhle (HVL), Ingeborg A. Kleppe & Natalia Drozdova (NHH),  Boukje Huijben (Eindhoven University of Technology) (December, 2017). WP2.1: Lessons learned from existing crowdfunding platformsAn executive summary of the report can be found here WP21_Final report_Executive summary

Renate Marit Butli Hårstad (Ruralis) (June, 2018). WP 2.2: Socio-cultural factors: Opportunities and challenges for crowdfunding of climate measures in Norwegian agriculture. An executive summary of the report can be found here Executive summary-WP2-2-english

The full report can be downloaded here

Catherine Banet (UiO) (October, 2018) WP 2.2: Legal issues facilitating and inhibiting the application of local crowdfunding of mitigation measure in agriculture. An executive summary of the report can be downloaded here executive-summary-legal-aspects-WP2-2


Newspaper articles:

Lokal folkefinansiering av klimatiltak i norsk landbruk (Pia Otte), pengevirke Nr.4 Cultura Bank 2018 (only in Norwegian)

Vil la folk finansiere klimatiltak på gården (Lisa Sunde, Bondebladet),22.11.2018. (in Norwegian)

Natalia Mæhle (HVL) og Ingeborg Kleppe (NHH). Folkefinansiering kan gi penger til grønt skifte. Dagens Næringsliv 09.10.2018. (In Norwegian)


Bachelor/Master theses and student reports:

Report: Ilse Peeters (2018). Crowdfunding: the effect of geographical proximity on the success of crowdfunding campaigns, supervisors Boukje Huijben (TU/e) & Natalia Mæhle (HVL). An executive summary can be downloaded here Summary-local-relevancy. The full report can be forwarded on request.

Master thesis: Ingrid Natalie Kleppe og Elina Nilsen (2017). Crowdfunding Sustainability. How do entrepreneurs of sustainability projects utilise the potential of crowdfunding for fundraising? , supervisor Professor Ingeborg Kleppe (NHH). Link to master thesis