The Coolcrowd project is in its final year and we would like to share with you some of our recently published papers and book chapters. Please contact project leader Pia Otte from Ruralis in case you cannot access some of the reading. The book chapter on crowdfunding sustainability is open access!

Maehle, N., Otte, Pia. P., Drozdova, N (2020). “Crowdfunding Sustainability.” Shneor, R., Zhao, L., and Flåten, B-T. (eds). Advances in Crowdfunding Research and Practice. (pp. 393-422) Palgrave MacMillan.

Maehle, N. (2020). Sustainable crowdfunding: insights from the project perspective. Baltic Journal of Management, 15(2), 281-302. DOI: 10.1108/BJM-02-2019-0079

Mæhle, N. (2020). Grønn folkefinansiering for bærekraftig verdiskaping. In Leif Longvanes and Torbjørn Årethun (Eds.) Bærekraftig Verdiskaping. Fagbokforlaget.