Framing is an important factor when it comes to the success of crowdfunding campaigns. In general, it is believed that successful funding campaigns have a compelling story behind them. For climate change this can be problematic. Mitigation measures individually have no discernible outcome (e.g. installing one solar panel will not change the local temperature) as the benefit of the measure is abstract.  Co-framing of the climate change issue with other, more tangible, issues (e.g., animal welfare, landscape enhancement, organic farming) could thus be crucial for successfully crowdfunding climate measures in agriculture.

At the 25th Agrifood conference hosted by the University of Queensland in Brisbane project leader Pia Otte presented potential co-frames for local climate crowdfunding. The presented research is work in progress between Natalia Mæhle, Boukje Huijben and two Coolcrowd funded master students from TU/e.